Hi there! Doesn’t it feel like I just wrote one of these? This week FLEW by!

After a lovely time with my parents, I was joined almost immediately after returning home from Limerick by a steady flow of friends from my sorority! It was so great to see some familiar faces and I was thrilled that they all loved Ireland. But I mean… who wouldn’t?

Friday we celebrated Unofficial (which, if you live under a rock and are unaware, is a U of I tradition that celebrates St. Patrick’s day). I had a lot of fun but missed U of I and my friends a TON that day! So much FOMO. (Fear of missing out… if you still live under a rock.) I’m already SO excited for my last unofficial as a senior- party at the round balcs!


All the friends!


Sistas! ❤


Yeah… this happened.

Saturday all of the girls visiting us (four SigKaps and 2 friends of my housemate Rachel), as well as Rachel, Medha, and myself all went on a day trip to Wicklow County! We spent a lot of time in the Wicklow Mountains and saw the bridge from P.S. I Love You! It was great. The bus driver told us a story of a time when he was on this tour and a guy proposed to his girlfriend… SO CUTE! He either thought we were super obnoxious or hilarious… unclear. Oh and also I wiped out again by just casually sliding down a hill, so that’s where my life is at. That night was Christine’s 21st, so we had a good time celebrating for that!Image

Roomies at Upper Lake in Glendalough!


Huge group of girls.


What is wrongggg with me?


Happy 21st, Christine!

After this weekend, my week was prettyyyy boring. I had three projects due this week so I actually had to buckle down and focus. Still, the amount of work here doesn’t even begin to compare to the amount of work I’d do in a semester at U of I. Senior year might be a bit of a slap in the face.

Tomorrow marks the start of our two week spring break! I am leaving bright and early tomorrow with a group of friends for an 8-day, whirlwind tour of ITALIA! So excited! My alarm is actually set to go off in 6.5 hours, so… maybe I should get packing?

With that, I leave you until next weekend, when I come home for St. Paddy’s before leaving again for Berlin and Belgium. I’m telling you, my life is really hard 😉 Thanks for reading and have a great week!